Data security & GDPR

At Alexis, data privacy isn’t just a checkbox; it’s a commitment. Our principles adhere to GDPR and Schrems II regulations and are based on international safety standards such as SoC II and ISO/IEC 27001. Find more information in our DPA, Terms and Conditions or below.

Security first

At AlexisHR, safeguarding your personal data is our top concern. We're committed to ensuring its protection and making sure it aligns with all regulations. Security always comes first and every action we take is driven by security considerations. In choosing Alexis, you are not just choosing a service; you’re choosing a commitment to the utmost data security and privacy


To uphold our security promise, we exclusively select providers that offer our services securely and with the highest quality. Our providers are known for exceptional standards and reliability, ensuring that their services store and manage data in compliance with GDPR. Quality will always be at the forefront of our decisions.

Frequently asked questions & answers

Data Storage and Management

Where and how is our data stored?
Is my data safe?
Is the transfer of my data secure?
Who can access my data?
Do you transfer Personal Data outside the EU/EEA?
What security measurements are you undertaking to segregate data from others users?

Compliance and Regulations

Is AlexisHR GDPR compliant?
How do you react in regards to the Schrems II verdict?
How does Alexis ensure GDPR compliance?
Why does Alexis store data within the EU?
How does Alexis ensure data protection when transferring data to U.S. companies?
What measures are in place to limit unauthorized access to data?

Monitoring and Reviews

How do you monitor activity in Alexis?
How do you test and review your security?
How often is the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework reviewed?
What assurances does Alexis provide regarding data uptime and reliability?

Ownership and Availability

Who owns the data?
Is AlexisHR's site and services always available?
How does AlexisHR let its customers know and keep them updated?
How long do you retain customer data after termination?

Privacy- and Cookie Policy

What's your Privacy Policy?
How do you handle Cookies?

Do you have a specific questions?

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