Ants are leading experts in helping companies attract, evaluate and appoint people to positions within development and operations departments.

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Ants mission is very clear: to reduce the skills shortage that is currently curbing global technological development. A mission that has made us the solution of choice for companies requiring Tech expertise. Typical customers include Tobii, Scania, TietoEvry, Discovery Networks, and H&M, i.e. technology-driven companies that pursue development in-house.

Key features

Ants operate according to a Talent Acquisition model and create a specialized in-house unit with our customers that attract, evaluates, and appoints qualified individuals with skills that are in short supply. Read more about Ants three success factors below.


In house. Working in-house at our customers’ premises or the digital equivalent allows us to genuinely and credibly act in their name.
Agile. Customer-unique and changing conditions are managed using a working method that involves being on-site and holding progress meetings. Key figures specific to assignments are checked against expected outcomes and provide us with input for continual improvements to our message and search methods.
Tech Specialised. Our consultants have an excellent understanding of the industry, organization, and technology. Contact with candidates is well-informed, proficient, and effective in highlighting the relevant advantages of the customer as an employer.

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